Theatre Erebus Inc.

Although formed in Liverpool, England in January 1990, Theatre Erebus has become Hamilton’s only company dedicated to the development and production of alternative theatre.  Incorporated as a non-profit charitable foundation in 1991, Erebus aims to fill a need for affordable, challenging alternative theatrical entertainment in Hamilton.

Theatre Erebus will present works by Canada’s leading alternative playwrights, directors, and actors.  We are also very much committed to developing the work of Canadian Playwrights, that fit in to our alternative vision.

The City of Hamilton, with its cosmopolitan makeup and sizable population base, merits a more varied artistic environment. Theatre Erebus intends to produce an alternative product that will enhance, rather then diminish, the existing arts organizations in the city.

Theatre Erebus is the concept of Artistic Director Brian Morton. Returning to his native Hamilton after two years working overseas in British professional theatre;  Morton found a need here at home for a theatre company that not only entertains – but also provokes thought and emotion, explores contemporary Canadian realities, and is unafraid to challenge and explore.