We are currently seeking plays, one act and full length for our script development program.

Basically the play has to be something that Theatre Erebus might one day potentiality produce.  So the cast size must be fairly small – eight actors maximum.

If you have a play that needs a larger cast, then we are likely not the company to do it, unless there is a possibility that the play might be performed with a smaller cast doubled.  Perhaps the script could become one with a much smaller cast though the development process.

We prefer dramas over comedies, although humor as an element of the story is welcome.  But there should be some point to the play beyond just making an audience laugh.

Explaining the “why does this play need to exist at all”, should be clear in the text itself.   Typically we have not responded well to scripts that have no obvious point or purpose to them.

Scripts with a particular slant or point of view are what we are looking for – even if we don’t necessarily to start with share that viewpoint.  It is the voice of the writer, and how we respond to what is on the page, that has excited us in past projects.  We have to believe in the play, and trust that the writer can get it to the point that we can stage it.

We are unlikely to produce a musical, especially if it has a large cast, or heavy technical requirements.  But if live music is an element in the play, that is fine and dandy.

Hamilton specific stories, whether from contemporary reality or local history, are especially of interest.  I myself love plays that specifically speak to an audience here in Hamilton, Ontario.  Even if at this point  the script is just an idea, I would love to hear from you to see how we might help you developing it.

Everyone deserves a chance to meet and pitch an idea I think, even if just to to discover that we have no common ground.

Theatre Erebus’ mandate states that we are “a company that entertains, but also provokes thought, explores contemporary Canadian realities, and is unafraid to challenge its audience’s perceptions.”

If you have a play that sounds like it would fit our mandate, then by all means, send us a draft to read.

Challenging material and subject matter is welcome.  We appreciate plays with gay themes and alternative lifestyles.

The reading series at the Pearl Company has space for about five plays each year.  So the first step is to see if the play might fit into that.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Please send submissions electronically in Doc, PDF,  or Rich text formats, and clearly include contact info – phone number and email address – to

All the best

Brian Morton
Artistic Director
Theatre Erebus Inc.