Theatre Erebus needs one or two female actors/singers, roughly mid 20s, for UNDER THE APPLE TREE, our production in the 2018 Hamilton Fringe Festival, at the Zoetic Theatre.

The play, a musical, tells the story of a real life shooting backstage at the Lyric Theatre in Downtown Hamilton in November 1921. Part of revisiting this history, is recreating a vaudeville musical comedy sketch which was a jazz era “girlie” act. The roles still to be cast, are members of the girl chorus of that play.

The script is still developing, and is now in its eighth draft.

Ability to read music is an asset.

The performance schedule for the show is

Friday 20-Jul at 8pm
Saturday 21-Jul at 10pm
Sunday 22-Jul at 7:30pm
Monday 23-Jul at 9:30pm
Tuesday 24-Jul at 8pm
Friday 27-Jul at 4:30pm
Sunday 29-Jul at 6:30pm

Our Tech Rehearsal is:
Monday 16-Jul Start Time: 2:30pm

Being involved in the show, means being able to accommodate this schedule.

The production will be organized as a “profit share”, with equal participation of the box office receipts to all involved.

If this interests you, or you know someone who might be interested, please contact Brian Morton on Facebook, or by email at, indicating your desire to be involved in the project.

A current draft of the script is available to read upon request.

We will be starting rehearsals two weeks from now in Hamilton.


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